Catalyst Business Brokers is a full service business brokerage firm that started out of Florida in 2005. Since then, we have been providing merger and acquisition services to small to middle market businesses in a variety of industries throughout the country. Our brokers bring a wealth of in-depth and diversified experience in the healthcare, hospitality, technology and construction industries that have helped us successfully complete transactions, even in recessionary times. Our record of success has made us one of the leading merger and acquisition advisory firms, providing exceptional services to our clients. 


• Customized Selling Strategies 

• Business Valuation Analysis 

• Strategic Planning 

• Sell / Hold Timing Review 

• Transaction Structuring 

• Targeted Industry Research 

• Due Diligence Guidance 


We specialize in all aspects of CONFIDENTIAL business ownership transfer through active participation in international marketplaces for businesses for sale. At Catalyst Business Brokers, our main objective when selling a business is to achieve each client's personal financial needs. In today's complicated environment, we carefully advise each client on all the details of a selling decision. If the timing is not optimum, our brokers may recommend alternate strategies to achieve a better future sale value. Catalyst ensures the best value for each owner's individual situation.



    We will not disclose a client's identity or any confidential information without the client's approval. Each descriptive brochure and marketing document only references a general business description, in lieu of name or location. We require signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements from each and every prospective buyer. Precautions are taken to protect confidentiality in a way that would not be possible without our professional involvement.


    Many options are available when structuring a business sale, and Catalyst will work with you to understand selling requirements and strategic goals. This includes defining: exit strategy alternatives; the most appropriate types of acquirers; valuation expectations; timing of sale; probable tax consequences and owner's desire for possible future involvement with the company. ​


    ​To make an informed decision, a business owner must be armed with an accurate understanding of realistic market valuation and likely transaction structure expectations. Catalyst will invest the time to better understand your objectives and present an informed Opinion Of Value as to what is achievable in these crucial areas. This is done in advance of any engagement, to mutually confirm that our valuation range is in line with your expectations, prior to committing to the selling process.


    Financial statements are typically prepared for tax purposes, not for business sale purposes. Acquirers must be able to "read between the lines" of the financial statements and tax returns to appreciate the total discretionary pre-tax income that would be available to them. Failure to properly present true "re-cast earnings" reduces the perceived value of a company. Catalyst will work with you and your CPA to ensure that all applicable adjustments are identified and that the financial presentation is maximized.


    Proper interpretation and presentation of financial information is a crucial first step. Often times we then work with owners to analyze and suggest value enhancing opportunities and initiatives. When implemented at the outset of the sale process, these strategies will enhance marketability and increase the value received from a transaction.


    A business owner spends years establishing name recognition, market niche, vendor relationships, operation & production systems, management, personnel, distribution channels, customer loyalty and numerous other intangibles. This is a story that needs to be properly told to educate potential buyers. We take pride in our ability to present an in-depth review of a company's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, thus maximizing its attractiveness and perceived value, without disclose the company's identity.


    Catalyst utilizes the most prominent M&A websites in our confidential marketing efforts. Our corporate databases provide access to strategic companies that present the best synergistic fit with the client's firm. It is essential that we complete an Opinion of Value prior to listing a business for sale for a determination of an acceptable listing price. This document, after performing necessary modifications to protect confidential information, also serves as the primary marketing tool.



    The majority of potential buyers expressing interest in a business will not be qualified to purchase the company. Catalyst pre-qualifies potential acquirers before they impact a client's time and focus. This ensures that the prospects we bring to meet with a client have been thoroughly screened as to their genuine interest level and financial capability to close the transaction. This pre-qualification process is a crucial step to prevent wasted effort and protect confidentiality.


    Sellers are more likely to achieve a substantially better financial package when negotiating through a qualified professional business broker. During this phase we typically negotiate with multiple parties, increasing your options and leverage, while avoiding dependence on any particular prospective acquirer. Our involvement allows the seller to remain at arm's length during the negotiation process, while still maintaining complete control, as we are able to follow up with and manage the expectations of the parties without compromising any negotiating position.


    The sale of a business involves many elements of financial opportunity to the Principal. The purchase price is only one component of the overall result. Catalyst takes into account all of the elements of the financial transaction, including: Stock sale versus asset sale; initial investment; terms and interest rate on notes; liabilities assumed by the acquirer; transfer and negotiation of leases; employment contracts; consulting agreements; non-compete agreements; current assets retained by the seller; earn-outs (percentages of future sales paid to Seller); continuation of perks and fringe benefits; stock ownership retention and other pertinent details. The total financial package negotiated on behalf of our clients is the true measure of our value-added service.


    Catalyst will present only written and binding offers that serve as a negotiating document to determine if the parties can reach an agreement on the key terms and conditions of a transaction.  If accepted, the offer constitutes a detailed binding purchase contract so no time is wasted on a pointless Letter of Intent. At this stage the buyer is expected to deposit a substantial amount into escrow.


    Financial and operational representations are made during the sale process. Potential acquirers rely upon these representations when determining the viability and the worth of a firm. If these representations are not adequately and clearly substantiated during due diligence, the transaction could be jeopardized. Our experience and involvement in countless due diligence meetings enables us to anticipate what information the acquirer and their professionals will be looking for. Our advanced counseling and preparation maximizes the probability that the due diligence stage will be managed correctly and successfully.


    We operate on a “success-based” approach. We typically charge a percentage of the final sale price, depending on the size of the deal, payable at the close of the transaction.

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